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I have a WordPress installation running a theme called “New Yorker 2” which is installed and intended to look something like this: with a few major differences: 1- no need to make space for advertising 2- all text black.

No colored text for links 3- replace navigation at top (Home/Forum/Chat/Register/Login) with links to post topics As I said, the theme has ALREADY BEEN INSTALLED and partially customized HERE:

I have created a PDF with illustrations and instructions detailing final changes I would like implemented. Once those are complete, I might like to tweak a few features but if we go beyond the scope of work shown in the attached PDF I am willing to pay more for your help.



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Nahid was very responsive and quick to implement changes. I provided instructions and he would follow them through quite accurately. I would work with him again as he basically took an old wordpress theme and created a customized solution for my needs.

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